Some perspective before making your next move.

Judging by the sentiment I keep seeing, today, I would guess the Doge bubble is definitely passed peak mania and somewhere between "denial" and "bull trap".

There's still a lot of "buy the dip" and "it's an actual currency, now", but it's about 25% what it was, leading up to last night. And these are just the stragglers who have just bought more.

For the inexperienced, owning an asset like a crypto or security, can corrupt the mind and one's judgement. …

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Age is a funny concept, isn’t it?

A tree has young twigs that stem from older branches which stem from the even older trunk and roots. But a tree is only one age, isn’t it?

Some parts of a tree may be newer than other parts, but they are all presently, ultimately, just the tree. And the tree is today years old.

We are all today years old. All of life is today years old and tomorrow, it’ll all be older. We all will be. Life is always the oldest it has ever been, and so are we.

But change…

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When you spread out. Like, your life, the physical spaces that occupy your routines, it is possible to spread those spaces so far, that routine becomes simply impossible. It breaks down. There is nothing to repeat.

In a whole day, you can easily walk a mile inside of your house. And you can easily walk a mile away from all of that.

In either case, you’ve walked a mile.

The difference is primarily all that you’ve interacted with.

If you just travel, constantly, for your whole life, all of the things that are you, just dissipate into the Ether. There’s…

Turns out they are related

I was honestly just trying to figure out why SN8 produced that bright green flame.

Turns out it’s the same reason it crashed.

In a tweet, Elon Musk explained:

“…Fuel header tank pressure was low during landing burn, causing touchdown velocity to be high & RUD, but we got all the data we needed!! Congrats SpaceX team hell yeah!!”

“RUD” is an acronym for Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly.

The Raptor engine didn’t exactly fail, but due to insufficient fuel pressure, the engines became fuel starved and consequently produced inadequate thrust to maintain the necessary rate of deceleration for a safe landing.

“Inner Machinations” by James Floyd. Check out

More and more frequently, I am seeing this question pop up. People want to know if DMT will cure their depression or other perceived or diagnosed issues they are struggling with.

No doubt, there is a growing movement of therapeutic psychedelic use and I am a huge proponent of this movement.

In fact, I am one of those people who’s lives dramatically changed in positive ways from the use of psychedelics.

First of all, the molecules I’m going to discuss are VERY illegal and secondly, most importantly, DO NOT go experimenting with psychoactive chemicals all willy-nilly. For the love of god, talk to a therapist or mental health professional about this before trying it. …

There are moments in life that seem to pass by undetected like a single frame in a movie. There are also moments that seem boundless and completely present, containing within them, all aspects of the story.

So much of our lives are paralleled by hazy recollections and even more clunky, inaccurate expectations of the future. The immense reality of billions of galaxies across an immense universe, pleasure, suffering, electrons, all present, all right now, seems to be hastily abandoned, a forgone reality, replaced by near-sighted, granular fantasies of pasts and futures that are nowhere to be found, here and now.

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Let’s discover the psychotic, delusional, trance-like state that we call life and experience

This article will go into some depth on two crucial subjects that most are unfamiliar with. They will be presented in a way that you can integrate them into your present perspective and finally, this article will conclude with what I hope you will also realize on your own, by the time you’ve reached that point.

To begin, a short story:

When I was a child, I visited a place that had sand dunes. I distinctly recall throwing a penny into the sand.

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One of the most profound experiences of a human’s life.

Just one week before gatherings over 250 people are banned and schools are closed, I am in an arena in Spokane, Wa with thousands of people in very close proximity.

So, how does this really start?


Mass psychology?

The experience of wearing a respirator in a crowd while absolutely grilling on LSD?

Or does this start by asking how much detail can be crafted into just a few minutes of otherwise empty space and time?

Right, I guess this is going to be a review of the Tool VIP experience and a review of humanity, all contained within an…

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A systems thinking approach to the nature of economics and hierarchy

There is a tremendous amount of posting and debating on social media about capitalism and socialism. Mostly, it consists of biased news articles, philosopher quotes and a whole lot of political party fealty.

Almost nobody is discussing these subjects in the context of systems/complexity theory which has already been well established as the definitive scientific and philosophical understanding and explanation of emergent systems of which economies, government, culture, society, are all quintessential examples used in introductory courses on the theories and I really mean those are just course 101 topics.

“In some theories of particle physics, even such basic structures…

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The idea is pretty ridiculous when you think about it

No big intro. I’ll get straight into it.

First of all, the “Consciousness Upload” thing:

For every instance of incredibly intelligent authors, scientists, academics on podcasts, etc. speculating about consciousness being uploaded, there are 1,000 click-bait articles mentioning the concept and 10x more are the instances of such a concept being mentioned on social media.

Here’s the biggest problem with that idea: What happens when your consciousness is uploaded? Does it leave your brain? If it gets uploaded and you are still aware, still having an experience, guess what? Nothing got uploaded, did it? No and if you’re thinking this “uploaded” data is a copy, it isn’t…

Illogical Concept

Philosophy, Systems-Thinking, Technology

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