How my cat Became a man & I lost Myself on America’s Loneliest Road

Illogical Concept
16 min readDec 3, 2020


There are moments in life that seem to pass by undetected like a single frame in a movie. There are also moments that seem boundless and completely present, containing within them, all aspects of the story.

So much of our lives are paralleled by hazy recollections and even more clunky, inaccurate expectations of the future. The immense reality of billions of galaxies across an immense universe, pleasure, suffering, electrons, all present, all right now, seems to be hastily abandoned, a forgone reality, replaced by near-sighted, granular fantasies of pasts and futures that are nowhere to be found, here and now.

But sometimes we find those moments, totally present and precisely when we most need them.

As we drove through the heart of Nevada on “the Loneliest Road in America”, Highway 50, I realized that I hadn’t just always wanted to drive that drive. I realized my moment.

For once, for the first time in my life, I was exactly where I wanted to be. I felt like I was at home for the first time. Maybe that moment would grow old, eventually, but I don’t know. There was nothing beyond this moment. Just an abyss of the unknown at the end of this trip and somehow, knowing that, made those moments in that vast space, feel truly boundless.

I couldn’t help, but contemplate what life would be like when I returned home to Washington.

And at home, in Washington, is where this story begins.

A few weeks ago…

The pandemic hurt everyone and the company I’ve been working for was no exception. The day finally came when the inevitable happened; the owner brought me into his office and informed me that he wouldn’t be able to make payroll, next week.

This was a small manufacturing startup. The bulk of the work we were doing was aerospace and as you can probably imagine, 2020 did not bode well for that sector. Early in the year, we began branching out and building relationships with new customers in a diverse spectrum of industries. Particularly those unaffected…