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Is Life a Dream?

Let’s discover the psychotic, delusional, trance-like state that we call life and experience

Illogical Concept
18 min readJun 27, 2020


This article will go into some depth on two crucial subjects that most are unfamiliar with. They will be presented in a way that you can integrate them into your present perspective and finally, this article will conclude with what I hope you will also realize on your own, by the time you’ve reached that point.

To begin, a short story:

When I was a child, I visited a place that had sand dunes. I distinctly recall throwing a penny into the sand.

Photo by Christian Weiss on Unsplash

What I witnessed was, to say the least, quite underwhelming. The penny might have bounced slightly as the kinetically energized grains of sand displaced, ejecting a few millimeters around and above the rapidly decelerating penny.

That can be a funny thing, though, a penny cratering the sand.