Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

Walking a Mile in Your Home vs Walking a Mile Away

Illogical Concept
2 min readApr 19, 2021


When you spread out. Like, your life, the physical spaces that occupy your routines, it is possible to spread those spaces so far, that routine becomes simply impossible. It breaks down. There is nothing to repeat.

In a whole day, you can easily walk a mile inside of your house. And you can easily walk a mile away from all of that.

In either case, you’ve walked a mile.

The difference is primarily all that you’ve interacted with.

If you just travel, constantly, for your whole life, all of the things that are you, just dissipate into the Ether. There’s no accumulation, no feedback loops. No place for cobwebs to take hold. You will never face yourself.

But we all travel our whole lives. Countless figurative foot steps.

It’s when we confine ourselves to only a few spaces, that routines happen and our behavior patterns begin to dig ruts in our environment. Ruts that we’ve created, that reinforce our behavior and so we just accumulate. It’s not long before our environments are nothing, but reflections of ourselves.

And we become a product of them as much as they, a product of ours. Our environments that we’ve created, feed back into us, and we try to hide. But we can’t hide from ourselves.