Converting Co2 into blockchain tokens. Will it work? What are the risks? And more on the future of Defi.

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

Welcome to Decentralized Finance.

Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’ll wish you’d have read this article sooner. Or maybe you’ll be glad to have read it when you did.

The reality of all of this Decentralized Finanace (Defi) and these Decentralized Autonomous…

Bridging/routing & swapping, using your existing wallets and exchange accounts

This guide may also serve as a reference for bridging across networks and swapping tokens.

Additionally, I will go into a bit more detail than is likely required for more experienced blockchainers.

“Klima DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization to drive climate action and fulfill our manifesto, via our carbon-backed…

“Inner Machinations” by James Floyd. Check out

More and more frequently, I am seeing this question pop up. People want to know if DMT will cure their depression or other perceived or diagnosed issues they are struggling with.

No doubt, there is a growing movement of therapeutic psychedelic use and I am a huge proponent of this movement.

In fact, I am one of those people who’s lives dramatically changed in positive ways from the use of psychedelics.

First of all, the molecules I’m going to discuss are…

Photo by Jacob Boavista on Unsplash

One of the most profound experiences of a human’s life.

Just one week before gatherings over 250 people are banned and schools are closed, I am in an arena in Spokane, Wa with thousands of people in very close proximity.

So, how does this really start?


Mass psychology?

The experience of wearing a respirator in a crowd while absolutely…

Illogical Concept

Philosophy, Systems-Thinking, Technology

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