Some perspective before making your next move.

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Turns out they are related

“Inner Machinations” by James Floyd. Check out

More and more frequently, I am seeing this question pop up. People want to know if DMT will cure their depression or other perceived or diagnosed issues they are struggling with.

No doubt, there is a growing movement of therapeutic psychedelic use and I am a huge proponent of this movement.

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Let’s discover the psychotic, delusional, trance-like state that we call life and experience

This article will go into some depth on two crucial subjects that most are unfamiliar with. They will be presented in a way that you can integrate them into your present perspective and finally, this article will conclude with what I hope you will also realize on your own, by the time you’ve reached that point.

To begin, a short story:

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One of the most profound experiences of a human’s life.

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A systems thinking approach to the nature of economics and hierarchy

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The idea is pretty ridiculous when you think about it

First of all, the “Consciousness Upload” thing:

For every instance of incredibly intelligent authors, scientists, academics on podcasts, etc. speculating about consciousness being uploaded, there are 1,000 click-bait articles mentioning the concept and 10x more are the instances of such a concept being mentioned on social media.

Illogical Concept

Philosophy, Systems-Thinking, Technology

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