How my cat Became a man & I lost Myself on America’s Loneliest Road

There are moments in life that seem to pass by undetected like a single frame in a movie. There are also moments that seem boundless and completely present, containing within them, all aspects of the story.

Funny story: I always thought that Eastern Washington was quite unique. I used to work in Oregon and California a lot and I would tell people “yea, a lot of people don’t realize that like, half of Washington is basically desert”

What I have just come to realize:

Highway 12

The drive through Washington was relatively uneventful. We’d be taking highway 12, South of Mt. Rainier. One of my favorite roads to drive.

“Welcome to Idaho”

Due to our feline situation, we’d booked two nights at a hotel in Boise that was pet friendly and also included a small kitchen since we would be cooking our own food on this trip.

“Life Elevated”

As per what would become our routine, we awoke on our second and final morning in Boise, just before sunrise to load the car and hit the road as it was getting light out.

You can see the ice still clung to the hood of the car

“Welcome to Utah”

Sorry the pic is blurry :(
I’ve never seen a cat lay like this
It actually smells terrible, even in the winter.
Cosmo is a new cat. He’s a man, now.
Smelling his own fart

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