Artwork by Shawn Hocking —

120mg of Transformation: The Psychedelic You’ve Likely Never Heard Of

One of the most potent psychedelics that you’ve never heard of and how it dramatically transformed me

“Mansanas” (“Apple”) by Franz Lawrence - Follow this brilliant artist on Instagram @franzrafols
“Abuela” by Joseph Armstrong - If you would like to purchase Joseph’s deeply inspired art, check out his store on Etsy @ He also offers holistic services at JosephArmstrongsPage on Facebook.
Artwork by Shawn Hocking —
“Photosynthesis” by James Floyd — You can check out his incredible work on or on Facebook: GlassPrismArt and Instagram: GlassPrismArt
Artwork & Photography by Jack Mahan
Artwork by Zac Wardlow - To discover more visionary art by Zac, follow him on Instagram @Absody
Artwork & Photography by Jack Mahan

Philosophy, Systems-Thinking, Technology

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